Elk Expo Education programs by KECA

Date: 19-Aug-2017


Saturday, August 19th—ELK EXPO (9-8 PM)

**Please note that programs are subject to change

10:00 AM- “Elk Explanations”  When do elk drop their antlers? How big are calves when they are born? Do you have questions about elk? Come join KECA staff for a question and answer style informational session. Bring all your burning questions you have about elk or other wildlife and KECA staff will try their best to answer them for you!
12:00 PM- “Living With Snakes”
A large majority of the public are scared of snakes in one form or another. Come learn about these fascinating animals and how to identify the venomous snakes of Pennsylvania.
3:15 PM- Nature Trivia Game  How well do you know Pennsylvania wildlife and the environment? Join us for a game of trivia that will test your knowledge of the world around you. Teams can consist of 3-4 people and all ages are welcome to play. The each member of the winning team will receive a free ticket to our 4-D Conservation Theater.
4:00 PM- “Kids Corner”
Bring the kids to enjoy some fun-filled activities at the KECA tent. Kids can do make and take nature crafts, bird feeders, and more. Also participate in some interactive education activities as well and learn a little more about the Pennsylvania elk herd.
5:00 PM- “Oh Elk Game” Bring your kids (8+) to the amphitheater for an interactive learning activity. Kids will learn about how population dynamics work as they play this game.
5:30 PM – “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Game”  Kids (6+) will learn about the importance of recycling through a fun interactive game. Meet in the Main tent.

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