Jan 27
Elk Creek Chapter Banquet
Join the Elk Creek gang at the Bel Air in Erie, Pa   The Creekers received an amazing handcrafted Hutch that will be featured at their fundraising banquet...  CLICK HERE  to get all the details - you need to check it out!  Contact John Geissler for more info:  jlgeissler@verizon.net      Banquet Letter         Banquet Application

Feb 03
Pittsburgh Chapter Banquet
The Pittsburgh Chapter fundraising banquet will be at the Doubletree Inn by Hilton, Monroeville, PA  Contact Mike Odasso for more info:  maodasso@snydercos.com   Banquet Letter    Banquet Application   Banquet Sponsor

Feb 17
Brokenstraw Chapter Banquet
Join the Brokenstraw folks at the Cross Creek Resort, Titusville, Pa  for their annual fundraising banquet.  Contact Deb Baum for more info:  debb@keystoneelkcountryalliance.com   
Banquet Letter        Banquet Application

Mar 03
Central Pennsylvania Chapter Banquet
Join KECA's newest chapter, the Central Pennsylvania Chapter at their first fundraising banquet in Boalsburg, PA at the Mountain View Country Club.   Contact Margie Ross for info  814-349-5041   Banquet Letter      Banquet Application

Mar 03
Laurel Highlands Chapter Banquet
Join the Laurel Highlands as the have their annual fundraising banquet at the Sunnehanna Country Club in Johnstown, Pa Contact Brian Price 814-446-5583 for info.

Mar 10
Evergreen Chapter
The Evergreen Chapter will be hosting their annual fundraising banquet at the Rustic Lodge, Indiana PA  contact Cathy Kimmel for infockimmel@mashancomm.net 
Banquet Letter    Banquet Application

Mar 10
Pine Creek Chapter Banquet
The Pine Creek Chapter will have their annual banquet at the Whitneyville Fair Grounds in Wellsboro.  Contact Penny Whipple for info:    pwhipple@ptd.net       Banquet Letter        Banquet Application

Mar 17
Elk Country Chapter Banquet
Come to the Royal Inn, Ridgway, PA for a night of 'fun'draising with the Elk Country Chapter banquet.  Please contact Tom Wehler for info:  tjwehler@hotmail.com

Mar 24
Ah'Tic Chapter Banquet
Join the Ah'Tic Chapter for the second annual fundraising banquet at The Bellamauro, Reynoldsville   Contact George & Denise Kriner for info:  gkriner@comcast.net

Apr 07
Wapiti West Chapter Banquet
The Wapiti West Chapter will host their annual fundraising banquet at the Hickory VFW Post 6166 in Hermitage, PA  Contact Jamie Murray for info:  jam_miller23@yahoo.com

Apr 14
Chilli Creek Chapter Banquet
The Chilli Creek Chapter Banquet will be at the Pine BArn Inn, Danville, Pa    Contact Jeff Keiffer for info:  jeff65k68@verizon.net

Apr 21
Appalachian Chapter Banquet
The Appalachian Chapter banquet will be at the Park Inn, Mechanicsburg  Conact Ian Eckman for info:  ian.eckman@carlisleccm.com

Apr 28
Lenape Wapiti Chapter Banquet
Join the Lenape Wapiti Chapter for their fundraising banquet at the Bear Creek Mountain Resort, Macungie, PA  Contact Wayne McConahy for info:  wmcconahy@gmail.com

May 05
Clinton County Chapter Banquet
The Clinton County Chapter will host their banquet at the Durwachter Center, Lock Haven University.  Contact:  Rick Trude for info:  precisioninstallation@yahoo.com

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